Owner of Red Deer Massage & Wellness

Theressa McKay, RMT (2200 hour program)

Massage Background:
My name is Theressa McKay  and I have been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2006.   Since then I have taken various continuing education courses and workshops including Advanced Techniques for Lowback/Hip, Neck/Shoulder, as well as Cupping Therapy which is an amazingly effective treatment for pain, stress, and immunity.

There are countless benefits to massage, and it’s a specialized service that many people need more than ever. The physical and mental effects of the pandemic have hit hard, and massage offers not only pain relief but gives the feeling of well-being and decrease stress. There are many studies proving the many health benefits of massage and it is now mainstream. Many clients have a difficult time finding an experienced massage therapist due to high demand. My clientele are unique individuals with unique needs and my treatments are customized to each client. 

18 Years Of Experience
Trusted Therapist